Happy Holidays!

Two men standing on boat each holding one end of a large sturgeon (Originally published in the 12-22-2016 newsletter) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all – And thank you for supporting Argo Sportfishing! Holiday gift certificates are available through December 24 and then we go back to our regular gift certificates.

With visiting family and friends the week between Christmas and New Years tends fill with last minute thoughts of recreational activities. If any of those thoughts are leaning toward fishing, the projected weather is stable, while the action in San Pablo Bay remains solid.

With recent rain we now have a good push of freshwater feeding the bay resulting in optimum sturgeon and striped bass opportunities. The absence of sharks has allowed baits more freedom to entice our targeted species.

Scores of bass are averaging better than a fish per rod with two fish (per person) limits always a possibility. In fact, many of our anglers are electing to keep only a fish for dinner and release the lucky keepers that come later. The one common denominator is lots of bites.

San Pablo Bay is lining up as the perfect hunting ground for sturgeon. The freshwater moving through the Delta, and into the bay, has brought these bottom feeders into the shallows as evidenced by the number of sturgeon jumping within ear-shot of the boat.

Running from Fisherman’s Wharf into San Pablo Bay will be the program until the Argo starts chasing halibut around the beginning of March. Judging by all the undersize halibut seen this year, and the ones we’re still catching in San Pablo Bay, 2017 could be a banner production.

We are now booking for the 2017 season.

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