Winter Arrivals

(December 2019 newsletter) — With the holiday season upon us, and family coming into town, there may be no better “get me outta here” remedy than a fishing trip. The recent fury of wind and rain was just what nature called for when it comes to flushing its system and readying our winter fishery.

The recent storms not only opened the door to outstanding striped bass and sturgeon opportunities this week, but likely set the table for the entire month. The freshwater runoff will not only flush unwanted predators out of the upper bay, it’ll solidify an already excellent striped bass foundation.

The upshot is nutrients pouring into San Pablo Bay followed by vacuum-mouthed sturgeon sucking up all the new goodies. Successfully sturgeon catching requires patience, a sharp eye and a solid hooked set.

Most of these dinosaurs landed aboard the Argo are released, but if you do want to keep one, they must fall within a 40 to 60-inch window.

With the delay of commercial crab season, this is the last week before the ocean gets carpet-bombed. Our crabbing will end Wednesday, but weather permitting the Argo run rockfish trips until the season closes December 31.

With a forecast pointing toward cooperative weather this week, we have bay trips scheduled Thursday through Sunday. There is room each day, with Thursday being a full day.

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