Nearly Halibut

woman holding halibut on boat and giving thumbs up

(February 24, 2020 newsletter) — The wobble between our winter and spring fisheries is fast approaching with thoughts of halibut, and the reality of striped bass front and center. The lack of rain, meaning freshwater, has squelched the sturgeon bite in San Pablo Bay, but may hasten the return of anchovies to the main bay.

In the past week the water temperature has crept up encouraging striped bass to be much more aggressive and willing be eat in San Pablo Bay. Limits or near limits have been the rule with lots of bites filling the gap between keepers. This is great action for kids and adults looking for pro-active sport.

Good weather, mild winds, really help the success rate in San Pablo Bay. We do have room Saturday and fully booked Sunday.

The appearance of bass should continue strong into March with light-tackle trolling a strong possibility if the water stays clear. As much as we all like relatively clear water for trolling the dearth of rain is not at all healthy for our anadromous species.

Soon moving to the front burner are halibut. Some exploratory trips have been attempted with few positive results. This will likely improve in March and ramped up into the summer months. The past couple years have been most excellent and should continue on a high note at least through 2020.

If lucky, live bait will be available by the latter part of April or early May. Until then, trolling will be the method of choice when chasing the flat fish.

The calls are starting to come in regarding salmon. To date, the season is not set, and I have no speculation what options will be on the table. Whatever happens, the Argo doesn’t usually begin serious salmon endeavors until June.

Summer weekends are starting to book, but there are still plenty of open dates.

For the latest update or if you have questions, email or call (415) 361-7757. All our trips include tackle, bait and fish cleaning within the price. 

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