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Lighting up the Bay

Two women smiling on a boat and holding a large halibut

San Francisco dog trainer Bev Ulbrich and her sister Cheryl with their big catch of the day

(April 26, 2017 newsletter) After nearly two weeks of pampering the Argo is ready to come off dry dock and back to work. With improvements and upgrades ranging from the tip of the tower to below the waterline we’re expecting a hastening to the vessel’s gait.

On the fishing front, the past week has seen outstanding catches of striped bass, (even without the Argo), along with improving scores of halibut inside the bay. Starting this weekend, our concentration will be drifting live bait across the bay flats and hoping the guys left a few for us.

On the other side of the Gate, salmon blew up on trolled baits off the Marin county coast this week. More than a bit of a surprise, but no one is complaining and in reality everyone is just hoping for a reasonably steady stream of fish this season. The salmon season is temporarily closed May 1 and reopens May 15.

Although we’re likely done chugging up the bay for bass and sturgeon, it can’t be overlooked what an outstanding year it’s been in the shallows of San Pablo Bay – Lots of bites and plenty opportunity most days. If there’s interest this fishery will likely remain viable well into May.

If you’re looking for something to do with the kids, leopard sharking is off to a fast start in the bay. They pull hard providing great action and no one gets seasick. Argo uses barbless hooks and practices catch and release only on the sharks.

Weekend anglers should think about signing up soon. The Argo typically is booked a couple months out on weekends by June. Most of those days are reserved for full-boat charters during the summer. There are still a few weekend dates available May.

Transition Time

(March 14, 2017 newsletter) — The transition is just about upon us…After three months of quite successful upper bay sturgeon and striped bass chasing, it’s nearly time to reverse direction. The Argo is certainly not giving up on the upper bay, we’ve found solid action in the past week, but halibut will soon be callingContinue Reading

Sturgeon on the Prowl

(Feb 24, 2017 newsletter) — Looking short-term, the weather guessers are calling for prime atmospheric conditions for the next week or so in San Pablo Bay. Looking long-term, the weather we’ve experienced, although frustrating at times, will pay major dividends for the next few years. Salmon, bass, sturgeon along with a host of other speciesContinue Reading

Big water, skinny water

For the past couple weeks the Argo has been concentrating on halibut inside the bay. Overall success has been solid with fish ranging into the 20-pound class. On the flip side, there’s an abundance of undersize halibut swarming the shallow bay flats. This is not a bad thing considering it gives everyone practice adjusting toContinue Reading

Live bait arrival

(May 4) Bay waters opened up and opportunities expanded with the arrival of live bait this week. This immediately translated into a nice mix of bass and halibut day one for the Argo. It also means increased versatility and working areas previously inaccessible to trolling. Wiggling anchovies on sharp hooks have already increased striped bassContinue Reading