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Transition Time

Young woman holding a large halibut on a boat

Liz Ralph enjoyed catching her 20-pound halibut

(March 14, 2017 newsletter) — The transition is just about upon us…After three months of quite successful upper bay sturgeon and striped bass chasing, it’s nearly time to reverse direction. The Argo is certainly not giving up on the upper bay, we’ve found solid action in the past week, but halibut will soon be calling closer to home.

Currently, our trips are still pointed toward sturgeon and bass, and I’d expect this to be a viable fishery throughout the spring, but our concentration will be trolling for halibut and bass once we get back from annual maintenance April 29.

To date, halibut activity has been off to a slow start primarily because the bay has been engulfed by freshwater; not a bad thing, just that halibut prefer more salt in the mix. The slow start is likely just a short-term blip and I’d expect the bites to increase any time. All those undersize fish we saw last year, should pay dividends in the coming months.

The ever-fluid dry-dock schedule keeps getting pushed back due to weather delays at the yard, but we seem to be stabilizing and as of now the Argo will be out of the water for about 10 days starting April 17.

Rockfish and salmon seasons both start in April, but the Argo will likely take a wait and see position before venturing outside the Gate. We will wait for the salmon to move close to shore, and keep a daily eye on the spring weather.

If you’re looking for something to do with the kids during spring break, leopard sharks are starting to bite in the bay. They pull hard, provide great action and no one gets seasick. Argo uses barbless hooks and practices catch and release on the teethy critters..

We’re currently booking summer salmon trips looking at a mid June start, but hoping for something similar to last year when we had solid close-to-home salmon action in May.

Weekend anglers should think about booking soon. The Argo typically is booked a couple months out on weekends by June. Most of those days are reserved for full-boat charters during the summer. There are still weekend dates available for halibut in April and May.

Sturgeon on the Prowl

(Feb 24, 2017 newsletter) — Looking short-term, the weather guessers are calling for prime atmospheric conditions for the next week or so in San Pablo Bay. Looking long-term, the weather we’ve experienced, although frustrating at times, will pay major dividends for the next few years. Salmon, bass, sturgeon along with a host of other speciesContinue Reading

Aligning Stars!

It’s been nearly 10 years since the atmospheric stars aligned leaving our fishing grounds, San Pablo Bay, as ground zero sturgeon spot number one. Even before the latest round of precip the Argo has hooked sturgeon nearly every trip over the past couple weeks. Now, with a major surge of freshwater pushing through the bayContinue Reading

Happy Holidays!

(Originally published in the 12-22-2016 newsletter) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all – And thank you for supporting Argo Sportfishing! Holiday gift certificates are available through December 24 and then we go back to our regular gift certificates. With visiting family and friends the week between Christmas and New Years tends fill with lastContinue Reading