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Transition Time

five smiling people hold seven salmon on a boat

(Oct. 24, 2017 newsletter) — Some days it’s a trickle, and other times the faucet is open wide as the 2017 salmon season winds down to the final week. Although everyday brings its own personality the overall action often results in a solid fish per rod with the majority commercial grade quality.

The final day of the season is October 31 and there is still availability aboard the Argo for the final three days. The weather forecast is excellent throughout the week.

With salmon soon to be on the back burner it’s time to do some crab/rockfish combos, weather permitting, beginning November 4. Coastal rockfish was very good until a recent big swell put the bottomfish on lock down. With the water flattening out they will likely good on the bite again soon.

The majority of our trips over the next few months will be running into San Pablo Bay for striped bass and sturgeon. The stripers are already very good on the upper bay flats and should remain solid throughout the winter. This is very fun pro-active fishing where the bites come in bunches and paying attention puts fish in the box.

Sturgeon will need a little nudge from the rain, but once we get that freshwater push it’ll be game on. On a recent trip up the bay we encountered lots of action and did see a couple sturgeon jump near the boat.

Transition Time

(March 14, 2017 newsletter) — The transition is just about upon us…After three months of quite successful upper bay sturgeon and striped bass chasing, it’s nearly time to reverse direction. The Argo is certainly not giving up on the upper bay, we’ve found solid action in the past week, but halibut will soon be callingContinue Reading

Sturgeon on the Prowl

(Feb 24, 2017 newsletter) — Looking short-term, the weather guessers are calling for prime atmospheric conditions for the next week or so in San Pablo Bay. Looking long-term, the weather we’ve experienced, although frustrating at times, will pay major dividends for the next few years. Salmon, bass, sturgeon along with a host of other speciesContinue Reading

Aligning Stars!

It’s been nearly 10 years since the atmospheric stars aligned leaving our fishing grounds, San Pablo Bay, as ground zero sturgeon spot number one. Even before the latest round of precip the Argo has hooked sturgeon nearly every trip over the past couple weeks. Now, with a major surge of freshwater pushing through the bayContinue Reading

Happy Holidays!

(Originally published in the 12-22-2016 newsletter) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all – And thank you for supporting Argo Sportfishing! Holiday gift certificates are available through December 24 and then we go back to our regular gift certificates. With visiting family and friends the week between Christmas and New Years tends fill with lastContinue Reading