Big water, skinny water

Woman holds large halibut

A happy customer from our nation’s capitol landed this nice 20-pound halibut

For the past couple weeks the Argo has been concentrating on halibut inside the bay. Overall success has been solid with fish ranging into the 20-pound class. On the flip side, there’s an abundance of undersize halibut swarming the shallow bay flats. This is not a bad thing considering it gives everyone practice adjusting to a subtle halibut nibble, and provides tremendous encouragement for next season’s crop.

Before the large tides of the previous week nearly all our bites came from toothy halibut – lots of bites, but added current brought some striped bass into mix. Not nearly the numbers of the past couple years in the east bay flats, but enough to keep you on your toes when something grabs the chovy and zips off for Marin County.

Outside the Golden Gate, whales are the bonus to relatively solid salmon action over the past few weeks. Obviously, there are some downer days, that’s salmon fishing, but scores have rebounded well from slow periods. Weather is always a consideration and so far it’s been a relatively mild spring in terms of persistent wind on the “outside”.

The Argo is yet to do a blow out rockfish trip this year. We’re getting to that time of year when lingcod are chomping and schoolies are aggressively feeding. Pleasant weather makes these trips very enjoyable and quite productive along the Marin County coastline.

Sharks are available within the bay where weather is rarely a factor. This is a great activity for kids or simply introducing a new angler to something that pulls hard. The Argo practices catch and release with all our sharks.

Summer weekend bookings still have some wiggle room in August and late July. These are full-boat charter days only. One exception is Saturday June 26, this an open salmon trip with space available.

Of course, full-boat charters and open loads for smaller groups are available on the weekdays. There are limited open dates this month, but plenty of room in July and August. 

For the latest update or if you have any questions, email or call (415) 361-7757. As with all our trips tackle, bait and fish cleaning are included within the price.

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