Winter Wonderland

Smiling little boy holding a striped bass horizontally
(Originally published in the 12-8-2016 newsletter)

The Argo is now (semi) officially bound for bay waters throughout the winter. There may be an exceptionally pleasant day that draws us under the Gate, but after finding slimming pickings on the crab and unpredictable bottom fish, it’s time concentrate on the shallows of San Pablo Bay.

So far, the upper bay has been quite productive with good scores striped bass on every trip except the one we got hit with a sharknado. The shark bites have decreased in the past week, and the nuisance should just about disappear after the precip in the coming week.

Similar to the past couple years, when conditions line up, San Pablo Bay has been like fishing in an aquarium. Most popular species in the tank are striped bass or sturgeon depending on the tide. Bat rays, kingfish, jack smelt, flounder and halibut have all found our baits in the past couple weeks.

Fishing on the anchor, in water less than 10 feet, can bring almost non-stop action and a great opportunity to hone in your hook setting skills. Limits or near-limits of bass have been common with a fish per rod possible even on days with smallest of tides.

The predicted rain for the following week or so will likely entice more sturgeon to haunt the shallows. In past six trips to the upper bay anglers have hooked three sturgeon with none making the 40” to 60” window needed to keep a fish.

We have optimum tides and room this coming Sunday and Monday. The weather is also lining up to cooperate in a big way.

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