Sturgeon on the Prowl

Young man holding a large sturgeon on boat

(Feb 24, 2017 newsletter) — Looking short-term, the weather guessers are calling for prime atmospheric conditions for the next week or so in San Pablo Bay. Looking long-term, the weather we’ve experienced, although frustrating at times, will pay major dividends for the next few years. Salmon, bass, sturgeon along with a host of other species are the beneficiaries.

Since December, San Pablo Bay has been the Argo’s go-to destination with sturgeon and striped bass cooperating to varying degrees throughout the winter. Sturgeon activity has been solid with anglers seeing at least one fish most days. These fish will likely remain a viable option well into spring.

After an outstanding start, keeper-size bass went into a bit of hibernation for a few weeks, but recently seem back with the program and should only improve. If nothing else the fish are providing lots of bites, and keeping everyone on their toes and primed for a nibbling sturgeon.

This is very fun fishing, especially when the weather cooperates. Bites are numerous and it really gives you a chance to hone the hook-setting skills; or rib your buddy for whiffing another bite.

Looking ahead, we’re generally looking for halibut by the first week of March, but that will be pushed back a few weeks as we wait for the salinity to go up and the turbidity to come down. Barring a lot more precipitation, the Argo will be venturing halibut by April 1.

If you’re a weekend angler start looking at some dates. March weekends are nearly booked, but there’s still plenty room on weekdays.

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