Extra Special Bass

Man holds very large white sea bass on a boat

A 65-pound white sea bass — a very rare catch

(May 17, 2018 newsletter) — Like the bay breeze, fishing success has seen its ups and downs this month. The highlight to date is a hefty white seabass weighing 65 pounds. For some unexplained reason more than the usual scattering of these prized fish are popping up in the bay this spring. Running across them is pure luck, landing an extra large one is extraordinary.

Most of our current trips are targeting halibut and striped bass. Catch rates for each species may depend on tides and weather conditions, but in general the Argo success rate is a fish per rod or better most days. Bites have been forthcoming; it’s usually a matter of picking through the smaller fish to find keepers.

In the coming weeks, if theory holds true, we should see larger halibut filter into the bay, and hefty post-spawn bass cruising down river from the Delta. Drifting live anchovies is the technique of choice and will continue through the summer.

Salmon season is nearly on the horizon. With the delayed start beginning June 17, we’re hoping for fish close to home off the Marin coastline. If not, boats will search far and wide and should be wired within a day or two of the opener. Following on the heels of a very good 2017 season, it’s fair to anticipate solid action this summer.

The Argo summer and fall weekends are booking up, but plenty of days are still available with some flexibility. Most weekends are reserved for full-boat charters with one or two days left open each month for smaller groups.

Another option soon to be on the menu is rockfish. To date, we have not attempted a trip, waiting for spring winds to dissipate. Expectations are to be inching our way out the Gate soon with extended journeys starting in June.


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