Halibut Outlook

Woman standing on a boat holding a halibut that looks almost as big as her

Nice halibut action for one of our happy customers!

(April 16, 2018 newsletter) — Halibut have overrun the thoughts of bay anglers in the past couple weeks. With catching ranging from good to not so inspiring some days, it’s a matter of being at the right place when they decide to bite.

With fish spread throughout the system getting nibbled is often not an issue, it’s more will that nibble turn into a bigger bite. Many halibut are ranging just under the 22-inch size limit, but recent catches are showing larger fish trickling into the bay.

With the availability of live bait striped bass are in the mix daily, and if very fortunate a smattering of white sea bass are occasionally landing in the box. This sort of bay entertainment should continue into summer.

The highly anticipated opening day of salmon season was recently set for Sunday, June 17 through October 31. The opener may be a crapshoot, but it won’t take long to wire in. Currently opening day and the following weekend are available aboard the Argo.

Another option is rockfish, which is now open. The Argo will likely wait for spring winds dissipate before doing a full blown coastal trip, but there are some local angles worth checking into between halibut and bass drifts.









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