Incredible Salmon!

three smiling women and three smiling men hold a salmon in each hand on fishing boat(July 9, 2018 newsletter) – Since the mid June opening bell salmon have climbed on hooks as if it were their final meal. The action is spectacular with daily early limits for most boats. Being an active participate, Argo has limited on every salmon trip to date.

The obvious question is how long will it last…Only the fish can answer, and their lips are sealed except when they’re gobbling up baits. Reality is salmon have tails and could move on any day, but for now everyone is enjoying and appreciating what they have to offer.

Inside the bay, anglers are being treated to tremendous striped bass activity and solid halibut action most days. Tides, current and weather all play a factor inside the Gate, but overall fishing has been nothing short of incredible. There are times when three or four bass are hanging all at once, and halibut up to 38 pounds are sliding into the net all within the past week.

The Argo still has not ventured onto a serious rockfish trip, but with the ocean swell coming down the spiny varieties will soon find their way into the mix.

There is only one weekend date remaining open for charter this month – July 28. Every other day in July is booked for either a half day in the bay, or full day salmon. There are some openings for smaller parties within the month.

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