Emerging Sturgeon

Smiling man in a winter hat holds a sturgeon

(Jan. 16, 2019 newsletter) — In the last Not So Weekly Newsletter, there was a reference to winter knocking at the door. That door has now been blasted open. I’m just hoping the back fence survives the predicted gusts to 50 knots here on the coast.

Since mid-December all Argo trips are pointing north into San Pablo Bay targeting striped bass and sturgeon; with an occasional flounder, shark and halibut thrown into the mix. This trend will continue until halibut make their anticipated appearance closer to home sometime in March.  

What was an excellent striped bass bite has gone somewhat flat over the past couple weeks likely due to unstable weather and fluctuating water temps. Once this current set of storms pass the future of bass catching is once again bright. We’re looking at very fishable conditions over the next week or so.

Wind doesn’t help the sturgeon catching in San Pablo Bay, but a big influence of freshwater certainly enhances the opportunity. Right now, Mother Nature is providing opportunity-plus. The next week or two should bring the best chance to hook a sturgeon in San Pablo Bay this year.

The last blast of rainfall, a couple weeks ago, did kick start our sturgeon activity when we landed four within a three-day stretch. That included an endangered green sturgeon and an oversize (estimated) 150-pound brute. 

Looking at the near future, there is still some room on a full-day trip Saturday. The weather is looking very good (hoping it stays that way). Sunday is predicted somewhat funky, and Monday we’re back on track with a half-day excursion.

The Argo is looking at major renovations this spring and may be laid up throughout March and into April. We will be taking reservation during this time, but may have to move some trips around when the dates become clear.

The 2019 salmon season is predicted to be as good or better than 2018. We are already booking trips so planning ahead is advisable, especially for summer weekends.

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