One More Shot

(Sept 23, 2019 newsletter) — I don’t want to bury the lead, but we’ll start with the rarity of the Argo being a fully available boat Saturday, and room for four on a full day Sunday.

Now this is the real headline – For the first time in weeks a meaningful amount of salmon were landed by the few boats putting forth an effort today. The season ends October 31 so this is truly a last gasp opportunity.

All this means we would like to take one more stab at salmon this weekend. This is a full-day adventure, and if the salmon totally go in the dumper there is a possibility of saving the day with rockfish.

With salmon being in hibernation for the past month all of our recent excursions have been in the bay except for a couple stabs of rockfish. Most trips have remained quite successful despite this being the traditional waning month for halibut and striped bass in the San Francisco Bay.

One positive about fishing the bay this time of year is the winds are generally calm making for very pleasant conditions. Plus there’s still a chance of landing a hard charging white seabass.

Crab/rockfish combos are on the horizon beginning the first Saturday in November. The first weekend is booked and the following Saturday is full. If you’re thinking about joining the party, get in before commercial season starts. This is usually a couple weeks after our sport season, but as of the time the date has not been set. 

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