Tick Tock

(September 17, 2019 newsletter) — The clock is ticking louder each day as the waning days of summer dip into a brilliant sunset. To put that in fish speak; salmon season ends next month, and our incredible halibut/bass action will take a major hit when the live bait receivers soon close.

We’re into that time of year when salmon trolling is like riding a rollercoaster with ups, downs and unpredictable turns on a daily basis. One day you may be scratching for a bite and 24 hours later the box is brimming with monster salmon.

The Argo has been very fortunate to either miss those slow days in the ocean, or just very lucky on our salmon trips to come home with limits or near limits on recent trips. Even days when anticipation outweighs results what ends up in the box is worth the wait.

Action inside the bay remains off the hook, or more to the point, on the hook most days. The Argo crew landed six limits of halibut Sunday on a full day, and nearly two per rod on Monday’s half day.

This craziness will likely continue until live bait is no longer available sometime in October. BTW, thick schools of striped bass can be found most days around the bay.

If any of the above tweaks a sweet spot, jump on it soon. Argo weekends are just about filled to the end of October. There are two spots open for a half-day October 12, with the first open weekend being October 20. Most weekends are reserved for full-boat charters.

We have a salmon trip with space available on Friday. Next week, both in bay half days, and full day salmon trips are on the schedule.

The Argo will be doing some crab/rockfish combos beginning the first Saturday in November. The first two Saturday are already booked. How many trips we make will depend on weather and deckhand availability.

For the latest update or if you have questions, email or call (415) 361-7757. As with all our trips tackle, bait and fish cleaning are included within the price.

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