Bass Invasion

Girl holds striped bass on boat

(June 2, 2020 newsletter) — It’s been more than two months since the Argo last infiltrated your inbox with a “Not Nearly So Weekly Newsletter” – The reason, the boat has been extremely busy thanks to you! So many of you returned, and supported the business during difficult times; the support has been overwhelming.

I’m sure there are still those of you who would like to make a trip, but may not yet feel comfortable with the experience – Totally understandable. We are taking all the precautions possible including masks for all aboard, spacing with only four anglers, a sink with soap and sanitizer, plus a bottle of sanitizer at each fishing station. The boat is thoroughly cleaned inside and out everyday.

Most of our trips have been in the bay where the halibut and bass are eating the bottom of the boat on many trips. Overall, the bites are plentiful most days. In the past week, the Argo has limited on either halibut or bass nearly everyday.

Of course, tides and conditions do change, but one thing for certain there are a lot of fish swimming around the bay right now. I would expect opportunities to even improve moving into June and July, which are generally prime halibut and bass months.

I know a lot of you are waiting for salmon – So far the season is locally spotty, but promising. There have been a few very good sessions off the Marin coast, but no consistency yet.

The Argo ventured out the Gate last week, and had an outstanding day ending one fish short of limits. All the salmon were commercial grade in size. I would expect to see more fish arriving in the coming weeks.

As usual weekends are booked well in advance; currently into July, but we did have a cancellation for this coming Sunday, leaving June 7 open. Except for Sunday, we are full through next Monday June 8. Most weekdays have room next week.

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