Staying Relevant

Young woman smiles as she holds a striped bass up on a fishing boat(January 14, 2021 newsletter) — In case anyone is wondering, the Argo is still afloat despite the City putting the clamps on charter trips out of San Francisco. Every other port in the Bay Area has been open for business, except those of us running out of Fisherman’s Wharf as deemed by the City Health Department.

This blanket measure has been in effect since early December and shows no sign of relenting in the near future. That being said, the rules keep changing, whether they makes sense or not, we are hoping this draconian ruling can be lifted soon.

I do understand the seriousness of Covid and believe in doing all we can to protect one another, but I will also say no crew members, or confirmed case of passengers, have contracted the virus aboard the thousands of chartered fishing trip in 2020.

This is the time of year when the only game in town is being played in San Pablo Bay. Sitting on the anchor and waiting for striped bass has seen varied success on our friends and family trips.

In an effort to stay connected to the fishery, we are occasionally testing the chilly bay waters and finding very decent bass activity on the incoming tide, and lackluster participation on the ebb. Of course, this could flip any day.

We would normally be adding sturgeon to the mix, but until we get some serious precipitation they are going remain elusive. There have been a few caught by dedicated anglers on the outgoing tide.

With the hope this mess settles down soon we are booking trips for latter January and beyond.

Thank you to all our loyal, and first-time anglers for your tremendous support in 2020. Lets hope all have been safe and when ready join us again.

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