Up and Down Salmon

Man in red sweatshirt and sunglasses holds large salmon on a fishing boat(August 8, 2020 newsletter) — Salmon have been a rather slippery species this year, with good days followed by days of grinding. The up side, even on the slow days the end result is usually worth the wait. Salmon fishing is often filled with peaks and valleys throughout the session. It takes a stick-to-it-ness to make it pay. Many of the fish landed are in the 15 to 20-pound class or greater. The Argo’s largest salmon landed to date is 36 pounds.

We have some weekday openings for salmon next week. This is a good opportunity for those of you who hop on as singles.

Currently big tides have put a damper on what has been a very respectable halibut year. Next week the current subsides which should improve the keeper ratio. What we have seen this week is an influx of small “pocket halibut,” (cuz they fit in your pocket – don’t actually do that). Looks like a great precursor to the next generation.

Our usual bay back up fish, striped bass, have disappeared for greener pastures. The majority likely moving into the ocean, while schoolies are hanging in the upper bay. We should see a return engagement in September.

The Argo is starting to run an occasional rockfish trip along the Marin coastline. These have been highly successful with lots of action and easy-to-get limits. Designated rockfish ventures are primarily chartered trips.

The Argo’s first available weekend is October 4. Weekdays are starting to open up next week. There is room for four on a salmon trip next Tuesday and other options available.

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