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Halibut Arrival

Man smiling on a boat and holding a halibut in his right hand and a striped bass in his left hand

(March 11, 2021 newsletter) — After a couple weeks of sprucing the Argo will be rolling down the rails, and splashing down where she belongs, ready for the weekend. No major changes, just some freshening and cosmetics.

For the next few weeks, we’re in the angler’s choice transition mode. Options are heading up the bay for action and variety, versus dredging the bottom to scratch out halibut or two in the South Bay. By April, halibut will dominate game plan.

Before going to dry-dock our up-the-bay efforts consisted of mostly reliable striped bass activity with an occasional halibut, shark and bat ray in the mix. The presence of sturgeon just never really materialized because of a lack of rain. The interesting aspect of this fishery, there are generally plenty of nibbles and you never know what’s coming over the rail.

The latest buzz is the increasing appearance of halibut within the bay. These are primarily trolling trips until live bait becomes available sometime in April. The success rate is hovering around a fish per rod or less.

Looking ahead to salmon, the season is not yet set, but there should be a more clear perspective in a few weeks. The Argo generally doesn’t begin these excursions until mid to late May. Until that time, or when the weather gods allow, we’ll be drifting live bait for bass and halibut in the bay.

We do still have room for anyone looking for an early-season halibut stab this weekend. Current forecast, subject to change, is very good Saturday and a slightly funky Sunday.

Covid Free

(February 9, 2021 newsletter) — The City released the reins and we are back in business! Current policy is not mixing groups greater than four anglers. This allows plenty of breathing room and extra fishing area. Charters are still able to bring up to six passengers. Another policy I’m leaning toward is no smoking whileContinue Reading

Staying Relevant

(January 14, 2021 newsletter) — In case anyone is wondering, the Argo is still afloat despite the City putting the clamps on charter trips out of San Francisco. Every other port in the Bay Area has been open for business, except those of us running out of Fisherman’s Wharf as deemed by the City HealthContinue Reading

Hauling Crab

(November 5, 2020 newsletter) — The crab opener scheduled to occur November 7, and overlap the last weekend of salmon season, appears to be a wash – as in lots of water over the bow for those who decided to participate. The Argo will be waiting for more reasonable sea conditions, coming Monday or Tuesday,Continue Reading

Last Gasp for Salmon

(October 6, 2020 newsletter) — With the waning days of the salmon season upon us, a surge of new fish have brightened prospects and brought new life to the Marin county coastline. The biters arrived last week, and have mostly stayed on the chomped the past few days. It may not last long, but asContinue Reading

Up and Down Salmon

(August 8, 2020 newsletter) — Salmon have been a rather slippery species this year, with good days followed by days of grinding. The up side, even on the slow days the end result is usually worth the wait. Salmon fishing is often filled with peaks and valleys throughout the session. It takes a stick-to-it-ness toContinue Reading

Bass Invasion

So many of you returned, and supported the business during difficult times; the support has been overwhelming.Continue Reading

Missing newsletters!

June 13, 2020 — We just saw that several months of newsletters have disappeared. We’re trying to retrieve them. We’ve had a great few months with halibut, stripers, and now salmon, and if you want to see some of our catches before we figure out the newsletter situation you can go to our Facebook pageContinue Reading

Crustaceans on the Horizon

(Oct. 31, 2019 newsletter) — The highly anticipated sport crab season gets off to a roaring start Saturday – The weather looks outstanding! In fact, the entire first week is forecast to be extraordinarily perfect into next weekend. What this means, if you’ve ever given thought to a crab/rockfish combo trip now is the time.Continue Reading

One More Shot

(Sept 23, 2019 newsletter) — I don’t want to bury the lead, but we’ll start with the rarity of the Argo being a fully available boat Saturday, and room for four on a full day Sunday. Now this is the real headline – For the first time in weeks a meaningful amount of salmon wereContinue Reading