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Bonanza Salmon

A man and woman smile while holding a salmon each, on a fishing boat

Salmon season opened with a bang, or should I say big “yahoo” as fish came flying over the rail. The bite may not stay hot for long, but the number of salmon, of varying sizes, is a very encouraging sign for not just this season, but next couple years.

Currently the fish are working offshore krill, but it won’t be long before they nose toward the coast making the run much easier. The Argo has a few potential open salmon dates remaining in June, but mostly we’re pre-booked on half days into July. This limits us to bay fishing.

Bay fishing continues to extend from very good to excellent most days. It’s been a consistent mix of halibut and striped bass with either species topping the list often depending on the tide. Either way, generally a good amount of bites and opportunities throughout each session. I expect this activity to continue well into July.

Local rockfish and lingcod will work their way into the mix soon. The ocean swell has still not quite come down to optimum levels, and salmon are getting all the glory, but rockfish are going to be a very viable catch soon.

The one remaining open weekend day for Argo Sport Fishing in June is this coming Saturday, June 30. July still has a few open weekend dates available, although they are primarily reserved for charters; there are some spaces with a shared boat.