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Home Stretch

Five smiling people hold fresh caught crabs(Sept. 19, 2017 newsletter) — We’re coming into the home stretch of what has been an outstanding salmon 2017 session…We will again thank everyone involved in the many projects that have saved our salmon from the predicted impending disaster caused by drought and other not-so natural obstacles.

It’s now that time of year when there are generally fewer fish landed, but the overall size is worth the wait. Patience is the key to fall fishing; it’ll have its ups and downs, but keep fishing and you may be rewarded. The season runs until end of October.

The Argo still has room this Saturday for a salmon trip, and a scattering of open weekends leading up to the end of the season. The predicted weather for the weekend, and following week, is scheduled to be very good.

An ocean alternative to salmon with lots of action is the rockfish bite that has turned on along the Marin coastline. It’s now in full swing with plenty of bites and tasty fillets mostly guaranteed.

Coming the first Saturday in November is the opening of crab season. The Argo will be running crab/rockfish combo trips weather permitting. An alternative when the weather does get funky will be heading into the San Pablo Bay for striped bass.

Currently inside the SF bay, striped bass have been on their annual fall tear. Lots of action on school-size fish with catch and release a big part of the game. This action should remain steady until the live bait receiver closes October 8. After that, we’ll have to be a little more creative.

Leopard sharks remain active in the calm bay waters. Of course, we use barbless hooks for easy release, and all our sharks are returned to bite another day.

Salmon Fantastic

(August 24, 2017 newsletter) — It may be fair to say 2017 is the year of the salmon. It’s quite obvious the fish did not get the memo from government “officials” of dire straits and a depressed season. No doubt we have groups like Golden Gate Salmon Assoc., Coastside Fishing Club and Golden Gate Fisherman’sContinue Reading

Lighting up the Bay

(April 26, 2017 newsletter) After nearly two weeks of pampering the Argo is ready to come off dry dock and back to work. With improvements and upgrades ranging from the tip of the tower to below the waterline we’re expecting a hastening to the vessel’s gait. On the fishing front, the past week has seenContinue Reading

Winter Wonderland

(Originally published in the 12-8-2016 newsletter) The Argo is now (semi) officially bound for bay waters throughout the winter. There may be an exceptionally pleasant day that draws us under the Gate, but after finding slimming pickings on the crab and unpredictable bottom fish, it’s time concentrate on the shallows of San Pablo Bay. SoContinue Reading

Total Cooperation

The Argo has been very busy chasing a variety of species ranging from sharks in the bay, to salmon well beyond the Golden Gate. Fortunately, almost everything is biting in one form or another and generally eating well enough to keep everyone satisfied. Salmon have remained in a cooperative mood off the Marin coastline forContinue Reading

Take Your Pick

We finally reached that eclectic time of year when nearing anything is possible. Pick your poison and take your chances…Salmon are hanging off the Marin coast in seemingly better that expected numbers. In typical salmon fashion the success rate varies from day to day, but overall the Argo has averaged a fish per rod orContinue Reading

Big water, skinny water

For the past couple weeks the Argo has been concentrating on halibut inside the bay. Overall success has been solid with fish ranging into the 20-pound class. On the flip side, there’s an abundance of undersize halibut swarming the shallow bay flats. This is not a bad thing considering it gives everyone practice adjusting toContinue Reading

Salmon dominance

  Waters outside the Golden Gate exploded with activity in the past couple weeks. A big-time early arrival of salmon off the Marin coastline has allowed the Argo to take advantage of this bounty posting limits of large Chinooks on many trips last week. In recent years it’s been a waiting game for salmon toContinue Reading