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Three young men hold a sturgeon on a boat

March 4, 2019 newsletter — Big news from the Argo is a repower and major cosmetic changes that will begin in March and carry on into April. With no major hiccups the “new” Argo will be ready for the start of halibut and the beginning of live bait season in May. The new engine will bring more speed and maybe an extra fish or two in the box.  

Currently, the Argo is still running into San Pablo Bay on the hunt for striped bass and sturgeon. The recent weather, although great for the overall future and environment, has really put the hammer down on a consistent bite in the upper bay. Like humans, the fish are uncomfortable in changing conditions and temperatures.

The bass catching seems to change by the day. We go out with no expectations and load up, then come back the next day with high hopes and get it handed to us. We’re due for a string of nice weather that should bring the bass into a more predictable pattern.

As for sturgeon, we were on a roll a couple weeks ago of nearly a fish per trip, but that has fallen off the table on recent ventures. If everything goes as theorized, freshwater should soon bring diamondbacks and other hungry critters flowing into San Pablo Bay.

The weather is predicted to be excellent for the next few days, which may make Sunday the day they bite. Just so happenings we have room this Sunday.

Which brings us to the transition of chasing halibut on the horizon. Typically, our first exploratory halibut excursions beginning in late February and ramp up into early March. These are trolling trips covering a fair amount of ground that range greatly in success until we get on some fish.

As mentioned above, the Argo may only have time to scratch the surface of these early halibut due to the pending repower.

We are currently booking trips into summer for both salmon and halibut. Planning ahead is advisable, especially for summer weekends. If you’re looking for halibut, it’s best to call so I can help with finding the more favorable tides.

For the latest update or if you have questions, email or call (415) 361-7757. As with all our trips tackle, bait and fish cleaning are included within the price.

Good Fishing,

Craig Hanson

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