What’s Biting, and When

Two men an two children hold up several fish aboard boat

Fish bite at different times in the Bay area from year to year, but here are the general times you can catch various type of fish. For up-to-date reports, sign up for our weekly newsletter by filling in your name and email address in the boxes on the right. Or check for the latest in Argo fishing news on our Fishing News page.

In San Francisco Bay

Halibut – March through September

Woman holds very large halibut on a boat

Striped Bass – Year round!

Smiling man holding large striped bass on boat

Sharks – March through December (We throw back sharks)

Father and three children holding large leopard shark on boat

Sturgeon – November through April

Three young men smiling holding large sturgeon boat

White Sea Bass – Some years only, April through July

Man smiling on boat holding a 65 pound white sea bass

Outside the Gate

Salmon – April to November

Smiling woman holding large salmon on boat

Rockfish – June through December

Bob Lingcod
woman holding a large red vermillion fish on a boat

Crab – November and December