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Hauling Crab

Man in red jacket holds a crab in each hand while leaning over a crab pot full of crabs on a fishing boat(November 5, 2020 newsletter) — The crab opener scheduled to occur November 7, and overlap the last weekend of salmon season, appears to be a wash – as in lots of water over the bow for those who decided to participate. The Argo will be waiting for more reasonable sea conditions, coming Monday or Tuesday, before venturing out the Gate.

Weather permitting, we will run steady crab/rockfish combos for at least the first couple weeks of the season. Currently we have one open day, Tuesday November 10, until the following Monday. So far, Tuesday’s weather looks exceptional.

In somewhat of a reprieve to rec anglers, the commercial crab season is delayed, due to whale activity, until at least December 1. This should keep the crab abundance at a reasonable level for all; including the thieves who’s numbers seem to multiple each season.

An alternative to big water ventures is scouring the bay for halibut. It’s not red hot, more like lukewarm, but with a little luck and favorable tides we’re averaging about a fish per rod. Live bait will be available for two to three more weeks Friday – Sunday.

When the live bait supply is exhausted our winter fishery officially begins in San Pablo Bay. It’ll be the annual three-month journey that generally brings lots of bites, striped bass and occasional sturgeon on deck.

Rockfish season runs through December 31. There’s always a possibility of a straight bottom fish trip if the swell is cooperative.

Last Gasp for Salmon

(October 6, 2020 newsletter) — With the waning days of the salmon season upon us, a surge of new fish have brightened prospects and brought new life to the Marin county coastline. The biters arrived last week, and have mostly stayed on the chomped the past few days. It may not last long, but asContinue Reading

Fall session

A very busy summer season kept the Argo splitting time between bay and ocean waters. Outside the Gate, salmon have remained in mostly a cooperative mood with a few expected bumps in the road. The action is not red hot as it was in July, but a bit more intense, as each bite may meanContinue Reading

Winter Migration

(Nov. 30, 2017 newsletter) — The modus operandi has transitioned to a more sedentary delivery, but success is still predicated on attention to detail. With striped bass willing to bite, and sturgeon now on the prowl, the action is keeping anglers on the their toes in San Pablo Bay. Even on the sluggish tides, when theContinue Reading