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Live bait arrival

two smiling men holding four halibut on argo fishing boat

These happy customers will be enjoying halibut for a while!

(May 4) Bay waters opened up and opportunities expanded with the arrival of live bait this week. This immediately translated into a nice mix of bass and halibut day one for the Argo. It also means increased versatility and working areas previously inaccessible to trolling.

Wiggling anchovies on sharp hooks have already increased striped bass counts, and may soon be a major factor for limits-style fishing before long. The hope is bass swarm out of the Delta in a similar manner as they have the past couple years. This fast-paced action could click in any time.

Looking ahead just a bit, salmon are swarming closer to the coast every week and proving decent action for those chasing the slivery ones. We actually caught (and released) our first salmon of the year trolling for halibut in eight-feet of water on the Berkeley Flats.

Last year salmon showed off the Marin coastline about the first week of June. This is the trigger, along with good weather, that sends the Argo outside the Gate. So really, with good fortune we’ll be hunting salmon in earnest within a few weeks.

The temptation to go rockfishing grows each day. We’ve had a string of decent weather making the itch worse, but the plan is still to wait until June.

If you’re thinking of putting together a weekend charter, get your name on the list. Each week there are fewer dates available.